Advocacy Letter Templates

Please use these letter templates (in Microsoft Word) to contact Sen. Baldwin and Sen. Johnson. 
Once complete, sign the letter and drop it in the mail.  Or scan the signed letter and attach it to an email to each Senator's office:

Sen. Baldwin:  Colleene Thomas –
Sen. Johnson:  Meris Petek –

If you choose to email the letter as an attachment, we suggest you use the following language in your email note:
Dear X:

I am writing to convey <UTILITY>'s concern with S. 3157, the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act to Senator <BALDWIN or JOHNSON>. Please see the attached letter detailing our concerns. I ask that you please share our partial opposition to S. 3157 with Senator <BALDWIN or JOHNSON> prior to the bill’s hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee. Thank you for your consideration and please contact me with any additional questions or concerns.

<TITLE:  General Manager/Mayor/City Administrator > Letter(1).doc Letter(1).docx