2021 MEUW Honors

>  Important:  Once you've completed the Nomination Form, please save the PDF and email it to office@meuw.org

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, June 30, 2021. 

If you have questions about the application form or the process, please contact MEUW Executive Director Tim Heinrich at (608) 478-0998 or Awards Committee Chair Randy Jaeckels at (920) 898-5776.

Submit nominations for one or more of MEUW's association awards and honors:
  • Donald L. Smith Distinguished Service Award
  • Charlie Bradburn Pillar of Public Power Award
  • Phillip F. LaFollette Public Official Award
  • Friend of Public Power Award
  • MEUW Meritorious Service Award
  • MEUW Retirement Award

>  Award Categories and Criteria
2021 Nomination Form