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Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW) is the state association representing the interests of Wisconsin’s community-owned, locally-controlled municipal electric utilities. MEUW has been providing service, advocacy, and safety support to the 81 municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin since 1928.

Municipal utility communities range in size from Manitowoc and Sun Prairie, each with a population of 33,000-plus, to Merrillan with around 500 residents. A typical municipal electric utility in Wisconsin serves about 1,800 customers. Collectively, the 81 public power utilities --
most with centuries-old roots -- distribute more than 11 percent of the state’s electricity, providing service to some 300,000 customers in 43 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

Municipal utilities operate on a not-for-profit basis, overseen by a local governing board composed of local citizens and elected officials. They are dedicated to providing low-cost, reliable electricity to their citizens, farms, businesses, and industries.

As a part of our mission MEUW strives to unify and serve as a common voice for municipal utilities and to provide them with the support they need to enhance services to their customers and community. 
MEUW also awards scholarships to support students pursuing careers in electrical power distribution in order to help sustain public power for the future.  

> If you're a utility supplier interested in supporting MEUW and its member utilities, learn more about our partnership with the Wisconsin Utility Suppliers Association here. Information about advertising with MEUW is here


MEUW's Mission:

To unify and strengthen community-owned utilities

… Maximizing their shared interests and celebrating their unique differences – to advance the benefits of public power

MEUW's Vision:
To deliver exceptional programs and services members value

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