Professional Development Training

MEUW is focused on helping to develop the next generation of municipal utility leaders. Through our professional development programming, we offer two tracks of in-person training designed to provide opportunities specifically geared toward the unique needs of municipal workers. 

Each course focuses on individual topics that do not need to be completed in any sequence. Participants can attend the courses that work for them — in the order and on the schedule they prefer.

> Click here for the training schedule. To register for an upcoming class, click on the course title in the table below. 

Fundamentals of Utility Management Training Series Municipal Utility Leadership Certificate Program
Four one-day courses designed to explain specifics that are relevant to public power utility employees and leaders, with an emphasis on detailing the “why” behind each of the discussion areas. Training is designed for municipal workers of all skill levels and backgrounds and is intended as a foundation for understanding the public power industry (especially helpful for newcomers and those who aspire to expanded responsibilities).  Three one-day courses focused on a set of core competencies essential to success as a leader in a municipal utility setting. Training is designed for new, emerging, and seasoned leaders, managers, and supervisors. Participants will take away new skills and ideas that can be put into immediate use. Courses are designed to facilitate networking and foster peer learning and support. 

About the training topics:
About the training schedule:  
  • Different training courses are offered every other month (in even-numbered months, to avoid those months that typically have other MEUW events);
  • All three Leadership courses are available each calendar year;
  • The series of four Utility Fundamentals courses are offered and can be completed within a 365-day period, regardless of which course is taken first; and
  • Course offerings are rotated so participants have the option to target training to specific months/seasons.
About participant recognition:
  • Those who attend all four of the Fundamentals courses will receive a certificate acknowledging they completed the series.
  • Upon completion of all three leadership courses, the participant will be considered a “Certified Municipal Utility Leader” and receive a commemorative placard. 
  • MEUW does not participate in continuing education certification, so attendees/participants cannot earn CEU credits that may be required for certain professional designations.