Workplace safety is vitally important to municipal utilities. MEUW is committed to providing professional safety instruction and education. Communities all across Wisconsin take part in safety services offered by MEUW. And, in the true spirit of cooperation, MEUW members are invited to participate in the association's mutual aid program, providing disaster assistance to any member community in need of emergency support.



Representing municipal utilities with state and federal elected officials is a key service of MEUW. Advocacy efforts include meeting with state legislators and members of the executive branch of government, reviewing legislation and rules, testifying before legislative committees, and negotiating contracts. We help our members succeed in an evolving policy environment and work to ensure that future policies support the needs of the industry.



We are the common voice of Wisconsin's community-owned electric power providers. Alongside our members and allies, we advocate for policies that help to advance the benefits of public power across the state. Together, Wisconsin’s municipal utilities: 

  • Strongly support Wisconsin’s current approach to regulating utilities, which has proven highly effective for more than a century. 
  • Actively engage with Focus on Energy and help to promote energy efficiency.
  • Support efforts to expand critical infrastructure and to continue modernizing the electric grid to meet changing customer expectations and adoption of electric vehicles and other beneficial electrification.
  • Welcome new technologies like 5G to our communities, and we also prioritize equitable cost recovery, electric reliability, and employee safety.
  • Believe in an “all-of-the-above” approach to power supply and strive to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity to our customers.



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Formed in 1928, Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW) is the state association providing safety services, leadership and management training, advocacy, and member support to the 81 municipal electric utilities across the state. Most of the utilities have century-old roots serving their communities. Collectively, these public power utilities distribute about 11 percent of the state’s electricity, providing service to more than 300,000 homes and businesses in 43 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Municipal utilities, known for their affordable rates and highly reliable service, operate on a not-for-profit basis overseen by a local governing board composed of local citizens and elected officials.