Friends of Public Power

Friends of Public Power is a political action committee and a political conduit to support candidates for state office who value and support community-owned utilities and related municipal issues in Wisconsin.

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How Does a Conduit Work?  
Individuals make contributions to the Friends of Public Power political conduit. Candidates for state office are then reviewed and selected for a Friends of Public Power disbursement based on several criteria. Each and every transfer of funds made by the conduit requires an individual contributor’s specific authorization. Once entered into the Government Accountability Board database, a transmittal letter is automatically generated and sent to the candidate’s campaign committee and the disbursement is made.
handshake imageYour Contribution is Your Voice!
As a Friends of Public Power contributor, you can support candidates and help give the electric industry a stronger voice in the political process. Help provide financial support to candidates who have demonstrated their support for the industry and a willingness to listen and learn. The future of our community depends upon participation in the deliberations of government as well as development of good relationships with key members of the legislature.
flag imageHow Do I Contribute?
Download the brochure to learn more about the Friends of Public Power, then return the form with payment to the MEUW office.


Please download this form if you'd like to make a personal contribution by check.