Mutual Aid

General information about MEUW's Mutual Aid coordination is available here.

MEUW is prepared to manage mutual aid if needed during the pandemic:
Preventing the spread of COVID-19 among essential utility workers adds a new layer of coordination for mutual aid, and MEUW is working proactively to address the challenges. In the short-term, anticipated mutual aid events could involve significant weather-related or prolonged power outages and/or a reduction in essential workers due to illness.

> Checklist of things to consider for both the requesting and responding utility. 

If a utility becomes in need of mutual aid assistance, please call
MEUW’s Mutual Aid Hotline at 1-844-MEUW-911 (638-9911).

You may also contact Mike Czuprynko, MEUW’s Manager of Safety Services, at (608) 478-2530 or Mark Zielsdorf, Electric Utility Safety and Training Coordinator, at (906) 231-6422 (available around the clock).