Small Cell Wireless Attachments

In May 2019, MEUW's Board of Directors formed an ad hoc committee on Small Cell Wireless Attachments with the goal of developing standardized pole-attachment agreements and a model ordinance municipalities could use in negotiations with small cell wireless providers. The committee engaged the Boardman & Clark law firm to provide services for this effort.  

These documents are provided for the exclusive use of MEUW members.

>  Introductory Memo and Related Attachments (29 pages)
>  Draft Model Ordinance Related to Wireless Communications Facilities in the Right of Way (16 pages) 

 > Explanatory Memo and Model Agreement (Includes all Appendices) (71 pages)
This PDF Version of the Model Agreement is annotated with comments and footnotes that explain specific items in the Agreement, including instances in which the Member has some choices to make. MEUW members are encouraged to start by reading this document and reviewing the annotated Agreement.

WORD version of the Model Agreement (includes all Appendices) 
The comments and footnotes have been removed from the Word version of the Model Agreement. This is the version to be used to customize the Model Agreement to fit your utility's specific needs.

PDF of Drawings 
Both the PDF and the WORD versions of the Model Agreement contain three drawings (at the end of Appendix C). When the final agreement is executed, this PDF should be inserted in the final version.

Page Updated: Aug. 1, 2020