Municipal utilities offer advantages the others simply can't.

Unlike large investor-owned utilities (like We Energies, Xcel, and Alliant, among others) and electric cooperatives (such as those that operate in many mostly rural parts of Wisconsin), municipal utilities are owned by their community and operate as not-for-profit entities. That means decisions about the utility are made locally without any need to satisfy investors. It also means the people who work for the utility live nearby and can respond to electric service interruptions more quicky, and that means the service offered by municipal utilities is generally more reliable and provided at a lower cost.

Wisconsin is home to 81 cities, towns and villages that own and operate a municipal electric utility. It's the best choice for the community, its citizens and businesses. Most of these hometown utilities have been operating for more than a century, so they have deep roots and a long history of local, reliable service.

If you're lucky enough to be served by a municipal utility, remember that you're part of something special. You and your neighbors get your electricity from a public power utility. There are more than 2,000 public power utilities in the country, including some that serve large, metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Nashville, and Seattle, although most are smaller and provide that local service that people can count on.

If you're currently served by a different kind of utility provider, we encourage you to get to know the public power utilities in your area. As you learn more, you'll understand the benefits that make community ownership worthwhile. When you have an opportunity to live in an area served by a public power utility, you'll enjoy the advantages that come with being local, not-for-profit, and reliable. 

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