Locally Controlled Not-for-Profit Exceptionally Reliable
Local needs are better met locally. We are local. Unlike investor-owned utilities, we are owned, operated, and governed by our communities. Every citizen is a utility owner, and every citizen has a voice in utility policymaking. We give our communities the power they deserve. For-profit utilities answer to stockholders who demand profitability above service and value. Our citizens come first, so we offer lower rates. On average, our homes pay about 15 percent less than homes powered by for-profit utilities. We serve – and don't profit from – our customers. With crews that live nearby, citizens benefit from quick response to emergencies situations. Local control also helps us efficiently reinvest in utility systems needed to keep reliability and safety high – typically much higher than investor-owned utilities. We are right where our communities need us.

> For more details, read our #ProudlyPublicPower brochure here.  

If you're currently served by a different kind of utility provider, we encourage you to get to know the public power utilities in your area. As you learn more, you'll understand the benefits that make community ownership worthwhile. When you have an opportunity to live in an area served by a public power utility, you'll enjoy the advantages that come with electric service that is locally controlled, not-for-profit, and exceptionally reliable.