Program Changes Q-&-A

First developed in 2004, MEUW’s Management Training Program is undergoing a makeover for 2023. The current six-session series is being reconfigured in an effort to provide training that will be of even greater value to all MEUW members.
Details about the new offerings are here

Q: How soon can I sign up for one of the courses?
Registration is now open for the first course that will be held in February. The full schedule for 2023 courses can be found here.  
Q. I started — but have not attended all of — the classes in the Management Training Program (MTP). Now what?
Depending on how many and which MTP classes you had not yet finished, you may still be eligible to be considered a “graduate” of that program.
  • Individuals who have completed four (4) or more of the original MTP classes (see full list here) will be eligible to receive a commemorative award.
  • Those who have completed at least three (3) courses, but not Session A will be eligible to receive an award after attending the February class.
  • Individuals who have completed Sessions A, C, and D (but not B, E, or F) will be required to take at least one of the Leadership classes (L1, L2, or L3) in 2023 to earn an award.
If you took Management Training Program classes, but did not complete all six courses, click here to learn about how you may be able to be recognized.

Q: What type of certification is available after completing the training?
Those who attend all four of the Fundamentals courses will receive a certificate acknowledging their completion. Those who complete the Municipal Utility Leadership Program will be considered a “Certified Municipal Utility Leader” and receive a commemorative placard.     

Q. What is the registration fee for each of the courses?
Final pricing has not yet been determined, however, we anticipate registration fees will be in the range of $295-$350 per person per session. There will be a total of six courses offered in 2023. So, the maximum per-person registration cost would be $2,100 for the year.

Q: Do I have to take each of the classes in order?
No. Each class focuses on individual topics that do not need to be completed in any sequence. Participants can attend the courses that work for them — in the order and on the schedule they prefer.
Q. Where will the training be held? Do I have to attend in person?
We anticipate all training classes will take place at The Lodge At Mauston, which is a central location for most MEUW members. In order to ensure an optimal training experience and facilitate valuable networking, all classes will take place exclusively in person.

Last updated: Nov. 10, 2022