Wage and Benefits Survey

Wage and Benefits Survey

Please read these instructions before completing the 2020 Wage and Benefits Survey:

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The spreadsheets historically used to collect the survey data have been replaced by a web-based form. The online tool is “Formstack” and the data-collection form is available here. You can begin entering data and then click “Save and Resume Later” to pick up where you left off at a later time (be sure to save the link or email it to yourself if you want to use this feature). The tool also has built-in logic to decrease the number of questions that need to be answered.

TIP: Many of the questions are the same as last year, but they will appear in a different order. Using the spreadsheet you submitted in 2019 (or earlier) may make responding to this year’s survey more efficient.
The email address you provide in the survey is the only one that will receive the final results. Only the utilities that provide information for the survey will be provided the results.
Results of the survey are reported by grouping together utilities of similar size. A list of eligible utilities and the corresponding Group Number is here. You’ll be asked to fill in your Group Number on the survey.

TIP: We will periodically update the list of utilities that responded. If you notice one of your peer utilities has not turned in their data, we encourage you to reach out and ask them to participate.
We will send periodic reminders before the June 30 deadline. Last year, 70% of eligible utilities responded. While MEUW encourages all utilities to participate, extra encouragement from fellow members is important to ensuring a meaningful number of responses.
Within the survey tool, you’ll notice several “Please explain” questions. Please use that space to provide more details about any of your responses. We know that some of the “yes” or “no” answers do not offer the full picture. Providing an explanation makes the information more useful to everyone.   
The list of positions has been condensed to provide for easier comparisons. Please review the full list of job titles prior to beginning the data entry. Take time to input wage data for the role that most closely matches a title used by your utility/municipality.
  • Enter the current hourly wage for each relevant position. (If you use annual salary amounts, divide the total by 2,080 to determine the hourly wage.)
  • Do NOT include benefits in the hourly wages.
  • If you have more than one person in a position (i.e., lineworker), please show the hourly wage range between the lowest paid and the highest paid.
  • There is space provided to add any title that is truly unique.
TIP: Many rely on data provided in this section to make judgements about the competitiveness of their own wages, so please provide as much context as possible, including explanations of pay ranges and the number of “steps” (if applicable) used to set base wages.
If you have more than one person in a position, please provide the hourly wage range between the lowest paid and the highest paid (in the past, some have listed the actual wage for each individual in the role).

Please call the MEUW Office at (608) 837-2263 with any questions. Thank you! 
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