2022 Wage & Benefits Survey

2022 Wage & Benefits Survey


  • Kick-off and member feedback – February 7 to February 25
  • Data collection – March 1 to April 8
    • To see which communities have responded so far, click here.          
  • Compile results and validate formatting – April 11 to April 29
  • Results of 2022 survey distributed – Week of May 2

We are using a web-based tool called Formstack to collect data again this year. One of the features of Formstack is the ability to “Save and Resume Later.” To learn more about the functionality, read and carefully follow these steps. Be cautious to not closer your browser until after you receive the confirmation or you will lose the data you entered.
Prior to beginning the survey, please review the full list of job titles. You are asked to input wage data for the role that most closely matches a title used by your utility/municipality. There is space provided to add any title that is truly unique.

If you have more than one person in a position, provide the hourly wage range between the lowest paid and the highest paid (please do NOT list the actual wage for each individual in the role). 
For 2022, the "groups" have been reset. We are now applying the same factors used to determine MEUW’s annual dues to establish nine new groups (A-I). The results will include raw data to enable utilities to complete their own comparisons; the groups are simply to provide some basis for comparison. The groupings are here.
Replies are requested by April 8. Timely responses are appreciated. 

> For reference, the full set of questions for the survey can be found here.
> To complete the survey, click here
     Your responses will be recorded only after you click "Submit" on the final page of the survey.

Only those utilities that provide information for the survey will receive a copy of the results. Last year, 84% of eligible utilities responded. A list of utilities that completed the 2021 survey is available here
Recognizing the sensitivity of these data, MEUW only provides the results to one person at each utility that responds (typically the person who completes the survey). This practice makes it easier for us to control how the data is used and by whom. We do not provide the results directly to others, and anyone from your utility who requests them is instructed to talk with the individual who is our contact.

> Please call the MEUW Office at (608) 837-2263 with any questions. Thank you!