Third-Party Solar Petitions

Outcome of PSC proceedings could significantly impact municipal utilities
Members of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) voted 2-1 in July to open proceedings to determine whether third-party-financed distributed energy resources are public utilities as defined by Wisconsin statute. The outcome — which is expected no later than Dec. 1, 2022 — could fundamentally alter the current regulatory compact and enable third parties to provide power without the obligations to serve that are required of public utilities. The petitions were filed by Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and Vote Solar

Consistent with our mission, MEUW is working collaboratively to advocate for municipal utilities. MEUW is among 17 other entities that filed to intervene. The docket numbers are 9300-DR-105 and 9300-DR-106.

MEUW is coordinating its efforts with both Great Lakes Utilities (GLU) and WPPI Energy. The parties filed joint testimony in mid-September. Those filings include:

Municipal utilities’ voices are also being heard through MEUW’s membership in the Customers First! Coalition, which has also intervened in these dockets. CFC's filed testimony is here

Hearings in these proceedings were held in late October. A decision is expected by Dec. 1. 

The November edition of Live Lines included an update and more background. Click here for the article. 

Listen to Members-Only Briefing Session
MEUW hosted a members-only briefing session led by Richard Heinemann of Boardman and Clark law firm, MEUW’s legal counsel, on Aug. 23. A recording of the approximately 45-minute conference call is available here (member log-in required).