Our Team

Andrew Paulson

Regional Safety Coordinator


Andrew Paulson is a self-proclaimed “talker.” He enjoys getting to know the people in his communities and finding out what is important to them while he is designing comprehensive safety programs and training materials.

Andrew spent the first five years of his career working as an Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for DIC Imaging Products, a chemical company based in the Milwaukee area. He also worked at Rockwell Automation in Milwaukee.

He was happy to return to his hometown in Edgerton to serve the Madison area when he joined MEUW in 2013.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health. Interestingly, he started his education in criminal justice. However, after taking a public safety course and learning the importance of an organization’s training program, he switched majors and safety training became his passion.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys keeping active and loves playing on various softball, basketball and volleyballs teams. He also enjoys golf and adding to his already extensive collection of sneakers!

“Safety starts with people. So if you want to be passionate about safety, first be passionate about the people and the community … and then a culture committed to safety and safety improvement will evolve. Then you’ll see your safety program really take off.”