Public Power Week 2021

Help us spread the word about PUBLIC POWER WEEK:
Oct. 3 to 9, 2021. 

This year, we're emphasizing three important advantages: Local. Not-for-Profit. Reliable.

MEUW has created a set of graphics (designed for Facebook) that member utilities may use during Public Power Week.

Simply click on the link below to open the graphic, then right-click and choose "Save image as ..." to save it to your own computer.

Graphic #1: Worth Celebrating Graphic #4: Reliable
Graphic #2: Local Graphic #5: Public Power Delivers
Graphic #3: Not-for-Profit Graphic #6: Did You Know? 

We've also developed a few social media posts that you are welcome to use with one of the graphics above.
Post #1: We're celebrating Public Power Week! As your community-owned, not-for-profit utility,
[utility name] is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. We are excited to recognize the hard work of our employees and community.
Post #2: It’s Public Power Week!
[utility name] is proud to honor our workers, community members, and elected officials who support our community-owned, not-for-profit utility. #publicpower

Post #3:  It’s Public Power Week! Did you know that more than 300,000 homes and businesses across Wisconsin receive power from a community-owned, not-for-profit utility?
[Utility name] provides reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy that powers our community 24/7. #publicpower


If you'd like our help to customize any of these graphics with your community/utility name, contact MEUW here.

Additional resources are available on APPA's Website and can be found here.
Send us your pictures!  
We always like to do a wrap up of Public Power Week festivities in Live Lines, so please be sure to submit photos and information about how your community marked the occasion this year. You can send the info directly