Training Resource

MEUW adding new resource to support training this summer

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Summer is a difficult time to conduct training because of the busy workload faced by so many utilities. In response to member feedback and to provide additional on-the-job training and support during the busy summer months, MEUW is adding a temporary resource to support members’ ongoing focus on safety and hands-on training. Kendal Schmidt from Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) will join MEUW’s Electric Utility Safety and Training team as a part-time resource from mid-May to mid-August.

Kendal’s is a familiar name for many, as he is currently CVTC’s Apprentice Instructor and has strong knowledge of safety rules, regulations and best practices. In his MEUW role, he will be able to have direct on-the-job access to those apprentice lineworkers to both continue their coaching and education, as well as take his observations back to CVTC and inform the curriculum. A journeyman lineman himself, Kendal will also be able to provide on-the-spot safety support and training directly to crew members.

Kendal’s schedule will be posted to MEUW’s website and member utilities will be able to schedule him to help with field visits, accident investigations, and to address specific training topics (click on the link above). His role will be provide the same services delivered by Randy Larson and Don Harnisch, and Kendal will be available Tuesday through Thursday each week.

“Having Kendal join our team for the summer solidifies the stronger connection we’re forging with CVTC on behalf of our municipal utilities,” explained Mike Czuprynko, Director of Safety Services and Operations for MEUW. “We’re strongly encouraging our member utilities to take advantage of these skilled safety resources to help support their employees and to keep everyone safe.”

Please direct questions to Mike at (608) 478-2530 or by email at