Weather Alert

January 8, 2024:

We are aware the winter storm may create travel issues for some. Your health and safety is the highest priority, so we are implementing a modified cancellation policy for this event.

Per MEUW’s Cancellation Policy, registrants who cancel at this late date would typically receive a refund equal to only 25% of the fee they paid.

Recognizing the weather conditions that may impact some registrants’ travel choices, MEUW will provide a credit for the registration amount paid, minus a $35 cancellation fee. The credit will be applied to the utility’s account and may be used for any conference or training program in 2024. Alternatively, the registrant may receive a refund equal to 50% of the fee they paid.

>  To cancel your registration, fill out this form. You are responsible to cancel your own hotel reservation, and MEUW is not liable for any resulting fees. 

Should you choose to cancel, we must receive your request in writing by noon on Wednesday, Jan. 10. Late or delayed cancellations will not be honored. 

January 3, 2024: 

Depending on where you live and what news source you rely on, the weather folks may be issuing “Alert Days” for a potential snowmaker early next week. In anticipation of questions about how a storm may impact the Electric Operations Conference & Expo, we have every expectation the show will go on

As you are likely aware, MEUW (and our partner organizations) invest significant resources in planning the annual EOCE. Due in part to contractual obligations and the complexities of organizing the conference and trade show, canceling or rescheduling the event would be highly unlikely.

If the forecast storm develops into a larger or more dangerous weather event, we will assess the risks and adjust plans as necessary. The health and safety of our attendees is the highest priority. While we do not anticipate the need for it, any weather-related announcements about EOCE24 will be made no later than noon on Monday, Jan. 8.

If you have any questions, please call the office at (608) 837-2263. Thank you.