Crane Certification Training

This summer, on-the-job training sessions in MEUW’s Electric Utility Safety and Training Program will focus on the OSHA crane certification standard. Earlier in 2022, the MEUW Board of Directors approved plans to use training time for onsite sessions conducted by Mark Zielsdorf and Randy Larson to complete the hands-on and practical examinations required to certify electric employees. The cost for standalone training by a third party group is estimated to have exceeded $1,000 per person. The MEUW Board’s decision means the certifcation training for electric employees is included as part of MEUW’s training program fees.

As a reminder, the OSHA standard exempts the digger/derrick and its operator for maintenance of the electric-distribution system. However, if the digger/derrick is used for lifting materials or to operate in work environments for non-electric work or for system construction, the operator must be certified as a mobile crane operator. The training provided by MEUW is intended to ensure municipal electric employees can become certified to comply with the standard.

Recognizing that other non-electric employees also use the digger/derrick to complete non-electric utility tasks, MEUW welcomes those individuals to attend the training and achieve the requisite certification. The fee for non-electric employees (e.g., streets, water, or wastewater utility workers) to participate is $55 per person. That amount will be billed directly to the municipality.

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