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  • Updates from Public Service Commission
    • Laura Fay (Consumer Affairs)
    • Nick Schuster (Audit)
  • Bankruptcy 101 (Richard Heinemann, Boardman & Clark)
  • Lessons Learned from Billing Audit (Lori Nyhus, Cumberland Municipal Utility)
  • Leading Practices in Records Retention (Jared Walker Smith, Boardman & Clark)
    • PSC Records Retention Guidelines are available here.  
  • Focus on Energy: Today, 2020 and Beyond (Matt Bromley, Focus on Energy)
  • Can YOU Be a Public Power Ambassador? (Meena Dayak, APPA)
  • GASB Statement No. 87 Leases (Gwen Zech, Baker Tilly)

> The agenda for the Seminar is here
> This file contains all of the presentations in a single document (caution: 345 pages)

52 MEUW members provided information for the 2019 Census, which gathered insights about systems and vendors used by municipal utilities, as well as data about deposits and disconnection thresholds, credit card fees, and the like. The data is provided in a spreadsheet here

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