MEUW Energy Project

February, 2018

MEUW is initiating an extensive assessment and evaluation process to examine everything we do.  We’re calling it the MEUW ENERGY PROJECT.   It’s starting now and we need all of our members' help for it to succeed. 

The ultimate goal of  the MEUW Energy Project is to ensure MEUW continues to be your most valuable, reliable and trusted partner in helping you and your utility provide the BEST service to your customers.

By taking an active part in this process -- filling out a survey, participating in focus groups, and attending large group discussions, you can help MEUW design and implement a plan to move forward together.

To truly accomplish this goal, we require your full participation.

At this time, we are asking each member utility to complete one all-inclusive survey.  It may require input from multiple people at your utility, so we need you to get the survey to the appropriate people for their feedback. 

The MEUW Board of Directors sincerely appreciates you taking the time to be a part of this process.  We look forward to working with you to shape the future of MEUW.
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