Friends of Public Power

Representation of municipal utilities in state and federal government is a key service of MEUW. Advocacy efforts include meeting with state legislators and members of the executive branch of government, reviewing legislation and rules, testifying before legislative committees and negotiating contracts. We help our members succeed in an evolving policy environment and work to ensure that future policies support the needs of the industry.


Committed to Safety

Workplace safety is vitally important to municipal utilities. MEUW is committed to providing professional safety instruction and education. Over 100 communities belong to MEUWs safety services, all working to provide a safe working environment. And, in the true spirit of cooperation, MEUW members are invited to participate in the associations mutual aid program providing disaster assistance to any member community in need of emergency support.

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Watt-Hour Meter WorkshopMEUW JT&S Watt-Hour Workshop Attracts Municipal, Cooperative and Investor-Owned Utilities

There was a great turnout at this year’s Watt-Hour Meter Workshop held March 9-12 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A total of 53 participants were in attendance representing member utilities, cooperatives and investor-owned utilities. The purpose of this workshop was to provide not only an educational experience but a practical one with many hands-on opportunities.

Main instructor, Roger Aho, brought his many years of experience and knowledge as a meter technician. Aho had a few closing remarks for attendees to remember when they return to their utilities. “Most important is safety; safety is always a must when working with electric meters. Technicians should always be aware of the hazards at the meter setting and wear their personal protective equipment doing the necessary checks on all meter sockets before setting the meter - be it one socket or twelve. Next, I hope that attendees learned the importance to their utilities, that the correct metering package is installed. Also, that the correct meter form, either self-contained or instrument rated, be selected to match the customer’s load. The setting should be verified for accuracy shortly after it is installed. Finally, since the group has a great network of people to discuss metering issues that may come up, don’t be afraid to use them.”

Other speakers included Christine Smith from WE Energies, Andrew Cardon from the PSC and Hector Hernandez, professional dog trainer. Smith taught attendees the basics of energy theft and the importance of knowing what to look for when it comes to identifying fraud, trends and the different methods used. Cardon briefed attendees on an overview of PSC rules, meter retention, testing rules and service voltage limits and Hernandez held attendees attention with a stimulating and refreshing presentation on personal safety and dog bite prevention.

The workshop also incorporated a vendor trade show where WUSA members displayed the latest in technology and trends in the industry - giving attendees a nice break and ability to interact and network.

Here’s a look at what some attendees had to say about the workshop:
  • “Roger's real life experience and knowledge in the field were easy to understand and communicate back to people at my shop.”
  • “The dog training portion has helped me already. The information from the PSC was also very valuable to me and cleared up many questions.”
  • “I had been out of work for some time for some medical work and had just started back at the time of this meter school. It was an excellent refresher course to get your head back in the game. A great training session all the way around.”
  • “I am new to the field and felt that I got a good base knowledge on what a metering technician does.”
  • “The OSHA regulations we reviewed were helpful and the gentleman from the PSC regarding meter record retention, etc. was helpful. The vendor show was also informative as we found a few new products we can use…of course the presentation on the dogs was excellent.”