Friends of Public Power

Representation of municipal utilities in state and federal government is a key service of MEUW. Advocacy efforts include meeting with state legislators and members of the executive branch of government, reviewing legislation and rules, testifying before legislative committees and negotiating contracts. We help our members succeed in an evolving policy environment and work to ensure that future policies support the needs of the industry.


Committed to Safety

Workplace safety is vitally important to municipal utilities. MEUW is committed to providing professional safety instruction and education. Over 100 communities belong to MEUWs safety services, all working to provide a safe working environment. And, in the true spirit of cooperation, MEUW members are invited to participate in the associations mutual aid program providing disaster assistance to any member community in need of emergency support.

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Municipal Utilities Legislative Day

Members Exchange Ideas at the MEUW Customer Service Roundtables

In total, approximately 90 participants, representing 48 member communities, gathered to exchange ideas and information at this year’s MEUW Customer Service Roundtables. MEUW Accounting and Customer Service Committee members moderated the roundtables at various locations throughout the state. Some of the topics covered were legislative and regulatory issues, Act 274, TRIP and SDC fundamentals, a summary of the Public Service Commission (PSC) spring utility roundtable and the PSC utility billing audit results.

The format of the roundtables has been a favorite of MEUW members because of the ability to start discussions and share ideas in a relaxed, small group atmosphere. Here’s what some of this year’s attendees had to say:
  • “This was a great way to hear how other municipalities handle disconnects, DPA's, customer service, etc.”
  • “The small group format is very nice. It makes it easy to ask questions and the information gathered during discussions is very informative and helpful.”
  • “I learned a lot on what I should be doing; including written procedures for the utility and law changes. I was also surprised at what other utilities write-off for tax roll compared to us.”
  • “The discussion regarding the PSC Billing Audit was very beneficial as we have begun preparing our utility information for this audit - so we are ready when our turn comes up!”
  • “We are all facing the same issues and it is good to hear how others handle "like" situations.”